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From: Kara Brown
Subject: College Crossdressing Slut 2: First Time The next night after talking to Nick, I got up, did my stretching,
ate breakfast, and wondered when or if Joey would call me. I didn’t wait
that long as that night, I got the phone call. I didn’t recognize the
incoming number and hoped it was Joey. It was. He introduced himself as
Joey and told me Nick said he should give me a call. He asked me if I
wanted to hang out soon and get to know each other, maybe get something to
eat and go watch a movie. I of course said yes and said we could meet that
night if he wanted; my horniness was apparently winning out over my
shyness. He agreed and said he would pick me up in a couple hours. I
called Nick right away and told him Joey had already called. I picked out
the outfit I would wear that night if he wanted me to dress up and set it
aside. Even though I am naturally pretty smooth, I shaved everything, my
pubic area I always kept shaved. I took a shower and gave myself an enema.
I wanted everything to be perfect. I put the condoms in my drawer by my
bed next to the lube and I was all set.
Joey came by about 8:30 and picked me up so we could get something
to eat. I of course stayed in my guy clothes as we went out. He told me I
looked good and I had a good body. Joey looked pretty good himself. He
was 6′3″, good shape, had a goatee, and I was immediately attracted to him.
We went to the Olive Garden and just talked and got to know each other a
little. I found out he was going to graduate in the spring, was going into
business, and liked hiking and camping. I Preteen Lolita Nymphets told him I had never been before
and he said maybe we could go sometime. When the check came I tried to Preteen Lolita Nymphets pay
my share but he said not to worry about it that he would take care of it. We left the restaurant and Joey said “Why don’t we skip Preteen Lolita Nymphets the movie.
Nick said you had something Preteen Lolita Nymphets
to show me anyway.” I agreed and we headed
back to my apartment. “So you’ve really never been with a guy before?” He asked as he
drove. “Not yet.” I replied. “Well if you just want to dress up and fool around a little that’s
ok with me.” He informed me. “If you’re nervous we don’t have to do
everything.” I just nodded in reply. When we got inside my apartment I got him something to drink. “Why
don’t you go get dressed up for me? I’ve been looking forward to seeing
your hot body in a skirt ever since I saw you.” He directed. I immediately got the outfit I picked out and headed to the
bathroom. I was sooo excited! I was actually going to get to play with a
hot guy and his cock! I started putting on my outfit. It was a short
black skirt, with thigh highs, a short black top that showed off my flat
tummy and my back, a black strapless bra that I stuffed a little and a
black thong that said “flirt” over the butt. I then put on my blonde wig
that I had brushed that morning and began applying some makeup. I really
wished I was better at makeup since I never had anyone to show me how. I
was doing ok on it though as I applied the lipstick and eye shadow. “Are you almost ready?” Joey yelled from the living room. “Almost.” I replied in my best feminine voice. I wanted to make
sure I looked great before I walked out there. I flipped up my skirt,
adjusted my thong perfectly and admired how it framed my ass. I then made
sure my “boobs” were in place, took a deep breath, and walked out. Joey stared at me for a few seconds as I anxiously awaited his
response. “Wow, you look great! I wasn’t expecting the whole makeup and
everything too.” “Thanks.” I said. “You look great too. I was a little shy to
tell you earlier.” Joey nodded and said, “Turn around for me. I want to see what you
look like from behind.” I obliged and flipped my skirt up Preteen Lolita Nymphets for him so he
could see my thong. “Hot! Come over here sweetie.” I sat next to him on the couch and he immediately started kissing
me. It was my first French kiss ever, and I loved it! He had his big hand
on my bare tummy and I felt like a woman. After a few minutes he commanded
me to sit on his lap and straddle him. I obeyed and his hands immediately
went up my short skirt to grab my ass. With his firm grasp I could feel he
was stronger than me and it made me want him more. He started playing with
my thong and I could feel his erection growing underneath me. He then put
one of his hands in front of my mouth and told me he wanted to see me suck
on it and to get it nice and wet. I obliged and pretended it was his cock
as I licked and sucked his big fingers till they were wet. He then moved
his hand back down to my ass and moved my thong to the side with one side
as I felt a finger on his other hand against my ass. “Oooohhhh” I moaned
as he gently started to slide it in. I could still feel a little friction
as he probed my ass but I absolutely loved it. We continued to kiss as he
fingered my ass and I moved a hand down to his cock. I unzipped his pants
and started rubbing his cock through his boxers. He moaned and grinded his
hips a little. “I want you on your knees and my cock in your mouth.” Preteen Lolita Nymphets
He whispered
in my ear. I was so happy to hear Preteen Lolita Nymphets
this I immediately dropped to my knees,
only a little sad to lose his finger out of my ass. I pulled his pants off
and then his boxers. I was greeted with his cock springing up. I took a
hold of it and examined it for a second. It was a very nice looking cock.
I’d seen some before online and stuff but I had never seen one in person
except my own. It was definitely bigger than mine both in thickness and
length. Judging it against my six inches, I guessed it at a little over
seven, probably seven and a half. All I was for sure of was that I wanted
it in my mouth. Remembering the advice I got from Nick the night before, I
started at the bottom of the base and licked up. His moan let me know he
liked it. I licked it a couple more times and then I started to put it in
my mouth. I slowly slid my mouth down it, trying to see how much I could
get in. About half way down his hips moved up and his cock went further
down my throat and I gagged a little. “Sorry sweetie. Take as much in as
you can.” He told me. Despite that, I loved sucking his cock. I really
started getting into it, bobbing my head up and down faster and faster. He
had his hand on the back of my head and I loved the feeling of him being in
control as I sucked his cock. After what seemed like only a minute of fast
sucking by me he said “Hold on baby, I’m going to shoot.” He had his hand
on the back of my head and I hadn’t planned exactly Preteen Lolita Nymphets where I wanted him to
cum but I didn’t want to stop sucking. Seconds later he came and spurted
shot after shot in my mouth. A little scared to swallow, I let it drip out
of my mouth and back down his cock. After he was done shooting, I looked
at his cock and his cum oozing around it. I could taste the cum on my lips
and was a little sorry I hadn’t swallowed. “That was great!” He exclaimed. “Are you lying when you said this
was your first time?” Preteen Lolita Nymphets Preteen Lolita Nymphets “No, honest. That’s the first time I’ve done anything Preteen Lolita Nymphets
with a guy.” “Well, you’re a natural.” He said which is exactly what I loved to
hear. “I left a little white stuff on your face though.” He laughed. “Go
clean it off, have a glass of water and come back here though.” I obeyed
and then sat Preteen Lolita Nymphets
next to him on the couch. I was still horny though and asked “Do you still want to fuck me
tonight?” “Of course.” he replied. “I just need a couple minutes.” As he
put his arm around me to feel my bare tummy between my skirt and top. We
turned on the T.V. and luckily, since it was almost midnight, there was
some soft core porn on HBO. We watched that for a few minutes and saw a
woman doing a little striptease for her man. “Can you dance that good?”
Joey asked with a smile. “Maybe.” I said coyly and started to dance a little for him. I
flipped up my skirt a lot, making sure he got a good look at my ass, and
played with my thong like I was going to pull it down. Then I got on his
lap with my back towards him and started grinding against him. I felt his
cock growing a little so I reversed myself and straddled him and began to
kiss him and play with his cock. “OK, I’m ready.” He said and jumped up. He took me by the hand
and led me to my bedroom. “Lie on the bed on your back baby.” He
commanded. I obeyed and he laid on top of me with my legs wrapped around
him and kissing me deeply. I could feel his cock pressing against the
cloth of my thong and I wanted him badly. “Where’s your lube?” He asked
and I reached for the drawer as we continued to kiss and handed him the
lube. He pulled my panties down and off my legs and I loved the feeling of
air up my skirt and the anticipation of my first fucking. He opened the lube. “Use a lot.” I informed him as he nodded in
understandment. “Move your knees up as close to your face as you can” He ordered,
then added “Wow, you’re pretty flexible.” As I tucked my knees to my chin. “Thanks.” Was all I could manage as I grinned. I squirmed a little as I felt the cool lube on his fingers inside
me. He really lubed me up good and I wondered how good his cock must feel
if his fingers felt this good. He then started kissing me and whispered in my ear “I don’t have a
condom, but I’m clean sweetie.” “Nice try.” I thought but told him,”Don’t worry, I bought condoms.
They’re in my top drawer.” He sighed a little and grabbed one and put it on. I stared
fascinated as I watched him roll it over his cock. He then squirted more
lube on it, told me to put my legs up, and laid on top with his cock
pressing against my hole. “Get ready sweetie.” He said and slowly started
to press it in. I squealed as I felt him press in and started to squirm and
struggle. He put his arms on my shoulders and said calmly, “Don’t wiggle
around, it will hurt more. Don’t worry, I’m taking it slow.” I just
nodded and scrunched my face as I felt him keep sliding in. It definitely
hurt and I was thinking that maybe I should have started with a guy with a
smaller cock. It wasn’t quite as bad as I had been scared of though, and
it worked in easier the less I struggled. It was hard not to squirm but
Joey’s weight on top of me definitely helped keep me still. After a couple
minutes, he was all the way inside me and said “I’ll stay like this for a
minute before I start to fuck you.” I nodded and soon after he began to
slide his cock in and out. I bit my lip but still let out a moan and his
cock went almost all the way out, then back in again. As he fucked me, I
looked up at this man in control of me and loved the way he looked at me
while he fucked me.
After a few minutes like this, he pulled out and moved us to him on
his knees and me still on my back but my legs wrapped around his back as he
cupped my ass in his hands. I squealed as he put his cock back in me and
he said “I know you like it. You’re clitty is rock hard. Play with it
sweetie. I’m going to cum soon.”
I started rubbing and playing with my clitty, as he slowly fucked
me. I moaned loudly and knew I was going to cum soon. After a minute or
so I came and spurted all over my tummy. He saw me spurt in the air and
said “Good baby. Now I need to cum.” Thirty seconds later I saw his face
and could tell he was cumming. He moaned that he was cumming and I shouted
for him to cum in my ass. After he filled the condom up, he stayed in me
for a few minutes, lying on top of me. Then he pulled out of me with a
pop, and went to flush the condom down the toilet and clean up.
I laid of the bed, my legs spread and cum on my tummy. I was for
the first time experiencing the great “just fucked” feeling. Joey came
back in the room and told me he had to take off. “OK.” I said. “Do you think we can do this again?”
“Definietly.” He assured me. “Next time I need to fuck, you’re
the first girl Preteen Lolita Nymphets
I’ll call. You have no idea how hot you look when You were
biting your lip as I fucked you.” I blushed a little at the complement and since he had referred to
me as a girl, and walked him to the door. He kissed me as he left and I
went to bed knowing I was no longer a virgin.
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